6 Key Things to Remember When Picking the Interior for the Car

The interior of the car plays a vital role in the restoration process of any classic car. The choice of the fabric of the seats, the accessories, and the tiny details make a big difference in the restoration of a classic car. Choice of the authentic interior brings a purist vibe to the overall look of the car and increases the resale value of the classic car. Here are a few things that everyone should keep in mind when thinking about the restoration of classic cars

Choice of Fabric

Before you go through the classic car restoration process, make the choice of fabric you want to use for the procedure. Choosing vinyl is a better choice as it is used in most of the classic car interiors and is relatively reliable and durable. If you are not able to get the exact fabric that you are looking for, then, you can find plenty of vinyl options for the backseats and rest of the interior of the classic car.

Interior Overhaul

In case you decide to revamp the interior of your car during the classic car restoration process, then it’s recommended that you make a list of things that are required to be done. Making a list of things would help you in deciding whether you are going to replace the existing parts with new ones or find the refurbished parts for the interior of the classic car.

Do the Research

Many times it happens that it gets challenging to find the material for the interiors of the classic cars. Ensure that you have done enough investigation to know where you need to go to find the appropriate material for the interior of your classic car. The restoration of the classic car is incomplete unless you have a suitable interior that matches the overall look of your classic car.

Ask Around

Florida car restoration circuit is huge, and you will find many people who might have gone through the same restoration process. You can ask around for the interior material supplies when restoring your classic car. Some people have vast experience in restoration of the classic cars and its possible that a piece of advice might help you make the right choices for the restoration of your classic car.

Disassemble the Upholstery

If possible, remove the seats from your classic car, it will make the classic car restoration process a lot easier. After you are done removing the seats, the next step is to cut down the fabric of the seats in different parts. Restoration of the classic cars is a lot easier when you dismantle the interior because it gives you enough room to work around the interior of the car. Once you are done with the removal process, you can move to the next part and replace the fabric of the seats with a new one.

Color of the Interior

The one thing which is crucial in the classic car restoration process is the choice of color for interior as well as the exterior. You have to be careful to match the color of the interior with the vibe of the classic car and sometimes replicate the same interior color that came with the car when it was brand new. It might get a bit tricky to get the same colors for the classic car restoration the same as the original, so you can also choose different colors of your own. It’s a matter of preference whether you need to keep one color or you want to experiment with two-toned interiors.


Classic auto restoration in Florida is a hobby pursued by many car enthusiasts, and the interior of the car is one of the main factors that need special attention and effort when planning the classic car restoration. There are many classic auto restoration shops in Florida that provide the parts, tools, accessories and everything else that is required to do a successful restoration of a classic car. The restoration of a classic car not only increases its value but also provides a glimpse of what that classic car, must have looked like when it first came into existence. Restoration of classic cars provide old cars with a new life and helps to make your car collection valuable and distinguished.

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