I am Here with James with his 1973 mustang James Has owned this car since he was 16 it was his first car.It was sitting for a few years he brought to us help him get back on the road.Now he again enjoy it once again

I’m here with Brian and his General Lee! We did some paint work on the front end, replaced the driver side door hinges because the door was sagging, some minor rust repair, new Speedometer and cable, and realigned and set all the glass. Thanks for letting us do the job on this iconic classic!
Looking to have some work done on your classic car shoot us a message or give us a call 732-410-4540

Today I am here with Jp in Cape Coral Florida! He brought us his 1974 corvette which he just bought. The car was not running well and it’s suspension needed attention. Now he is now able to enjoy this cool corvette classic!

I am here with Ralph with his 1968 Ford Thunderbird 429. We rebuilt transmission upgraded the steering.upgraded the ignition and carburetor. Definitely a sleeper!!!

I’m here with Goody. With his 1972 Chevelle. This was a complete nut bolt restoration. Rebuilt big block with rollers. New fuel lines new interior. This Chevelle is better than new you, thank you Goody for letting us do your 72 Chevelle.

This came to us from another shop And was hit with with hurricane Sandy. We got it and did a complete restoration in big block car 427 she halls.Thank you Jamie for letting us do your you’re awesome 68 Camaro.

I’m here with Ronnie his 1977 Chevrolet C10 Bonanza.He came in for engine rebuild,Transmission Plus 4 wheel drive rebuild and suspension and steering.

I’m here with John with his 1967 Camaro. We installed modern steering & A Holley sniper fuel injection unit.

Marty brought his 1967 Chevrolet Camaro here to get a change of color and fix some of the issues he had with the body.  Well the car came out BEAUTIFUL! Check out his album of the build and watch the video! Thanks Again Marty!

Rafal Nowak brought us his badass 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The car wasnt running right when we got it, but after we finished a full tune up, she started up and sounded like a beast!! Hope Rafal enjoys his car for years to come!!!!!

This customer brought us a 2003 Ford Van for some minor repair work. We took care of his van in a timely matter and the customer was very happy with the outcome. Thanks again and enjoy!

Lamber Belandres brought us his awesome Alfa Romeo. We did a fine restoration on this classic and he was stoked with the outcome. We’d like to thank him again for the opportunity to work on his beautiful italian classic. 

Ed brought us in his 1979 Corvette that needed suspension and brake work. We went to work and had his trailing arms and brakes replaced. Car performed much better and Ed was super happy. Thanks Ed and enjoy!

Jacob brought us his 65′ Impala coming from New York. We upgraded his brakes, suspension and his sound system. Along with that, we replaced his old transmission with a three speed Turbo 350 with a shift kit and beefed up the sound of the car with longtube headers. Another happy customer with a beautiful classic car!

Here we have David who owns this classic 1965 Plymouth Fury Convertible. We did a complete turn around on this car. Motor was fully rebuilt with a mild cam along with a tranmission rebuild with shift kit. We upgraded to an MSD ignition for a cleaner and more powerful burn. The brakes and suspension were fully upgraded and we upgraded David’s headunit to a DVD playing unit with quality sound.

Mike G brought us his stunning 1966 Mustang GT-350. We did some suspension upgrades for him and actually did a front brake disc conversion! With the new suspension and brakes the car is all ready for this upcoming season. Enjoy Mike!

Here we have a 1963 Thunderbird, this car was actually purchased from us and the customer decided to have lots of work done to bring this classic back to its glory! This included a a Motor and Transmission rebuild, All new suspension components, body work and lastly laying down that beautiful red shine! This car came out great and we are glad that Joe (the owner) is extremely happy with his Thunderbird!

Here we have a 67 Camaro that a customer brought to us. We got on it right away and did an awesome clean up job along with changing the color to that beautiful blue! The customer was left speechless and we are excited to see him so pleased with the outcome!

Steve brought us his 1969 GTO that he has owned since he was 17 and it has been in the family since it was BRAND NEW! He had some problems with some body/paint so we brought this classic in and took care of it for him. Steve is really stoked on the outcome and he will be bringing it back in the spring to get some more work done on this beautiful classic!

Mike had his Chevelle at another shop and ended up pulling the car and bringing it to us over at Tristate. We got right on the car, completing the metal work, body work, laying a gorgeous paint job down, getting the car running properly, installing new headers, a little bit of interior work and lastly throwing on his wheel’s he brought when he picked up the finished car! Mike was extremely happy with the outcome of his badass chevelle! 

Here we have 73′ Cuda that is a beauty. It originally came in for a shaker hood install, rear louver panel, a rear spoiler, an upgraded carburetor and installing a trans cooler and new A/C lines. As we made progress we brought to attention to the owner some small blemishes that he wanted to take care of. We finished up the car and he was very excited with the outcome! Enjoy!

Here we have an 81′ Corvette that was brought to us for strictly body/paint and it definitely needed some love. We got to work, got the car stripped down and started the body work. After loads of adjustments and work, we layed this beautiful black color on this Vette’ and finsihed the assembly. The owner was very,very pleased with the outcome. This car transformed!

This 68 Firebird came to us needing some love and we took care of it. We replaced the carpet, pulled the transmission out and freshened it up with all new seals, did some big time maintenence on the power steering with a new pump and lines, fixed the gas door, put a new front bumper on, replaced the brake booster and serviced the brakes and lastly fixed the dash pad and the center console. The customer was extremely happy with the work and were glad to get him his car back right in time for the 4th of July Weekend! 

Uzi brought us his 66 C10 in need of some love. We did a complete overhaul on Uzi’s truck and we are stoked that he loves it! With the engine bay all re-done and chromed, the refinished wheels and all the little details throughout this truck, this thing is a defininte eye catcher. Thank you Uzi for letting us get this truck ready for you and enjoy it in Israel!

It’s been a long time coming with Cliff and his 40 Chevy. He went the different route and wanted to do a 3.6 V6 swap from a 2010 Camaro… Well after a lot of trial and error and changes of ECM’s we got Cliff’s Chevy all buttoned up and ready to hit the road! We hope you enjoy it Cliff, thanks again!

Here we have an 81′ Corvette that was brought to us for strictly body/paint and it definitely needed some love. We got to work, got the car stripped down and started the body work. After loads of adjustments and work, we layed this beautiful black color on this Vette’ and finsihed the assembly. The owner was very,very pleased with the outcome. This car transformed!

Here we have Mike and his 65 Bug. He brought it to us in need of some sorting out and we took care of it no problem. We got the front end sorted out, took care of some body work and got the front end painted. Along with that, we installed a cage for Mike as he will be putting a powerful motor in this Bug. Can’t wait to see it come alive Mike